About us

The Association of Pontian Greeks in Munich was founded in 1966 and is the oldest association of Pontian Greeks in Europe. Be it through its dance group, the group of Parcharomanes or its Youth group, the Association is active in many areas, with the ultimate goal of keeping the cultural heritage, customs and traditions of the Pontian Greeks. Furthermore, sensitive to the challenges of our everyday life, the Association of Pontian Greeks in Munich offers help to people in need through charity events that it organizes or by taking part in social contribution activities.

In the pages of our website we are trying to depict all of the above and even more topics related to our Association. This website is not only the result of the team effort of the Youth council of the Association of Pontian Greeks in Munich, but also the proof that the love towards our tradition and being united are key to preserving and conveying a heritage of thousands of years destined to live on.

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